Passyunk Avenue - UK

Passyunk Avenue provides a taste of Philadelphia and in doing so has earned a reputation of serving up the best regional American cuisine in Europe.

Headlined by the legendary Cheesesteak sandwich, a hunger attacking combination of prime ribeye steak, cheese and onions, Passyunk seeks to share a glimpse into Philadelphia culture through its innovative and authentic range of Italian-American dishes that celebrate with the City’s immigrant heritage.

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Bashur Barber

The Bashur Barber Shop is a well known hot spot for all service members who served in the Northern Kurdish region of Iraq. With various locations across Iraq & Syria we have create a tailored environment which caters to the men and women in uniform on the Go. Keeping in mind our clients  limited budget we sure have made it affordable to making you look great. 

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The J Wheeler fast food establishment was created in October of 22/2020 in memory the late Joshua Wheeler of the United States Army who was killed in Iraq on October 20/2015 during Operation Inherent Resolve.

It is in recognition of his bravery, sacrifice and the elite team who liberated 70 of ISIS-held hostages during a raid in Kirkuk Iraq from enemy fire we dedicate and celebrate his name.

In his memory proceeds from all sales are collected and sent to his family back home in support of his wife and children who he left behind.