1.0 Social Responsibility:

1.1 Coast X Coast:

“This is an example text to show you how it’s going to be…”

1.2 The Farage Foundation for sick kids

“The Proceeds from every purchase you do will go towards families whom had lost their loved ones during combat. These proceeds will help and assist a single-family parent to provide financial aid for their children”.

2.0 Code of business conduct

“All employees must protect our company’s legality. They should comply with all environmental, safety and fair dealing laws. We expect employees to be ethical and responsible when dealing with our company’s finances, products, partnerships and public image. All employees should respect their colleagues. We will not allow any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimization. Employees should conform with our equal opportunity policy in all aspects of their work, from recruitment and performance evaluation to interpersonal relations. We expect employees to not abuse their employment benefits. This can refer to time off, insurance, facilities, subscriptions or other benefits our company offers”.

3.0 Procurement & Tendering

“The process your purchase manager or anyone on the purchasing team uses to request goods and services, order, then receive and pay for the orders, is the bulk of your ordering system. The right ordering system will ensure you maintain good relationships with your suppliers, keep a steady cash flow, assist with inventory control, and increase overall profitability. When purchase managers receive requisitions from someone else in the company, the manager will need to choose a supplier and check the price of the items order. After the price has been agreed on, the manager will send a purchase order to the supplier. This is the formal request for the supplier to send the materials or goods according to the terms and pricing agreed upon in any established contract”.

4.0 Environmental Policy:

“The Base depot is committed to managing environmental impact as an integral part of our operations. In particular, it is our policy to assure the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities at all times. We will employ management systems and procedures specifically designed to minimize the use of energy, plastic and other resources, to minimize the generation of waste, and to enable recycling and reuse of materials. We will continually seek opportunities to improve our environmental performance by establishing objectives and targets, measuring progress, and reporting our results and not limited to energy, water, paper and fuel consumption and vehicle miles traveled. We will promote participation and communicate our commitment to responsible environmental management by promoting environmental responsibility among our employees; by informing suppliers of our environmental policy and encouraging them to adopt effective environmental management practices; and by soliciting input from our employees, suppliers and customers in meeting our environmental goals”.

5.0 Anti- Bribery & Corruption Policy:

“The Base Depot is committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner, and is committed to implementing and enforcing systems that ensure bribery is prevented.

The Base Depot has zero-tolerance for bribery and corrupt activities. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships, wherever in the country we operate. The Base Depot will constantly uphold all laws relating to anti-bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate. The Base Depot recognizes that bribery and corruption are punishable by imprisonment and fine. If our company is discovered to have taken part in corrupt activities, we may be subjected to an unlimited fine, and face serious damage to our reputation. It is with this in mind that we commit to preventing bribery and corruption in our business, and take our legal responsibilities seriously.”

6.0 Equality & Equal opportunity Employer:

“The Base Depot is an equal opportunity employer and will provide equality in employment for all people employed or seeking employment. Every person will be given a fair and equitable chance to compete for appointment, promotion or transfer, and to pursue their career as effectively as others. Employment decisions relating to appointment, promotion and career development will be determined according to individual merit and competence”.


7.0 Apprenticeship & Scholarships:

“Apprenticeship is a work/study program combining practical training at a company with theoretical classes. The Base depot supports apprentice and beginners through offering Apprenticeship and Scholarships. These programs aim to create opportunities for people to start their career in a support role, support people to be the best they can be in the job they do and provide opportunities for career progression, including into registered professions.

During the training, the apprentice will contribute in duties and learn how to deal with work environment. Apprentices must Attend work, do the job and follow the employer’s lawful instructions. Apprentices also must work towards achieving the qualification of attainment. Apprentices must committed to obey all workplace health and safety (including dress and equipment), code of conduct rules and other policies. Apprentices and trainees are considered employees and may receive entitlements the same as other employees such as annual leave, sick leave, and public holidays.

The Mentors are responsible for training the apprentices, delivering information and support them through all aspects of their development and adjustment to work. Also to answer questions and discus about related work topics”.